my thought process behind the scene

This is an application that I have worked on to solidify my understanding of various skills I’ve learned during the Flatiron Bootcamp and also a great time for me to experience with new things.

Other than our typical client side request and go fetch back end , this projects need a Node.js backend that continuously run and check for the queries. Go to the links of the website, capture a screenshot, compare it to the last known screenshot, calculates the difference. …

I’ve always abused and used the word AI for any technology that I don’t understand. and, I think I’m sort of not far away form that idea.

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provide the systems the ability to learn and improve on itself. Machine learning basically is a bunch of algorithms and statistics to find the patterns in the data. Example could be numbers, words, images, how long you paused on a video ad, how long you were watching certain images or articles, if it can be stored, it can be used.

A recommendation on…

Thanks to Riehl and Rubin

As Technology continually improves, making music have become easier , a lot of songs we listen now often feels like a mimic of the other, these kind of situation often let music producers facing copyright issues

But sometimes, someone on this planet, some where, might’ve wrote a song similar to yours already.

Katy Perry’s Dark Horse vs Joyful Noise

A federal jury of six people found Katy Perry guilty of copying a Christian rap song to create 2013’s “Dark Horse,” one of the biggest hits of her career.

The case even though Katy Perry claimed…

with little or no no cost.

Not everyone likes coding.

Self learning is a very different thing, you no longer have peers, students, friends to compare or discussed with, internet becoming your only friend and Google and Youtube tutorials becoming your best source of information.

Without people to connect around, you now have to figure out things and get stuck, this is where I find online resources to be useful, a lot of the websites have forum where people engage and talk to each other, there are solutions that you don’t understand or never thought of, algorithms that you heard…

Alfred Wang

Learning one step at a time

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